Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!! 10.19.08

How many pumpkins could a little girl pick, if a little girl could pick pumpkins?

We took our daughter Alexa out to the Country Barn Farm Market to pick her first pumpkin. She had a blast! Everything from riding on the bumpy tractor, to seeing the animals was so much fun. However, the act of actually picking the pumpkins was a bit tough due to the high grass and such that made it tough for even myself and Melissa to walk through. We all had a bunch of fun though. Enjoy the pics.

The family out for pumpkins.

Mommy and Alexa anxiously awaiting the tractor.

Checking out the other tractor that wasn't running.

Mommy and Alexa on the tractor.

Lovin' the ride!! Just having a blast!

Finding her first Pumpkin!

It's so heavy!

Walkin' through the pumpkin patch.

A pumpkin buried in the patch.

Mommy holding Alexa's pumpkin on the way back to the tractor.

I love pumpkin time!

That pumpkin looks a bit big for you.

Yeah, good try.

Showing off her take for the day.

The ride back on the tractor with her haul.

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