Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brandywine Valley Wine Tour

We went to the Brandywine River Valley this past weekend for a wine tour. We stayed at the Brandywine Hotel which had a package with tickets for a wine tour to the 5 local wineries. The first winery was VaLa, followed by Paradocx, then Kreutz Creek and finally to Chaddsford all on Saturday. Then we went to dinner at Pace One which was an amazing restaurant in Avondale. Of course I had to stop at WaWa afterwards for some Gadzooks ice cream from Preston and Steve for my dessert. After we got up on Sunday we checked out from the hotel and had brunch at the local Brandywine Restaurant. It was just an amazing place first of all, and the brunch was unlike anything I've experienced before. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

VaLa sign painted on their building.

A glass of white wine.

A glass of red wine. We tasted it all.

Vineyards at VaLa.

Barbera, one of the VaLa wines.

Paradocx had wine in a paint can. It even came with a paint stir stick. Good marketing I'd say!

Vineyards at Kreutz Creek.

Flowers in full display at the Chaddsford Winery.

Chaddsford had a full line up to taste. Mmmm, love their wine!

My dinner at Pace One, Salmon w/rice and veggies. Probably the best Salmon I've ever had!

A bunch of flowers that decorated the Brandywine Restaurant, I shot this while waiting to be seated for brunch. They were the nicest staff ever! Even went to another restaurant to get me some preserves for my croissant. We'll be going back there!

An old tree at the Twin Brook Winery.

Old wine barrels at Twin Brook.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lancaster Co Photo Group - Shenks

So, Sunday I went to meet with a group of crazies, like myself, to photograph some wildflowers at Shenks Ferry Wildlife Preserve in Pequea, southern Lancaster Co. It was just beautiful on a slightly small path that paralleled a little creek. As you can see I met a bunch of new people and everyone had a great time. Well, until the rains came. Although, it wasn't a complete washout and everyone got some great shots. You can check out some other photographers stuff from this shoot at and join us on our next outing. You can also check out the full shoot that I did at Thanks to Brian for setting things up and being the group leader.

Mark, down low taking some shots, and Kylene catching me in mid shot. If you look close you can see an old time camera in the middle of the shot. What is that, film??!? :)

One of the beautiful flowers along the path.

A shot of the creek, toned green.

A shot of the creek, from above as I was balancing on a downed tree, toned in earthy blue and browns.

A small waterfall out of a tube under the pathway. I hand held this shot and still got it sharp with some movemetn in the water as it splashed on the rock.

A beautiful red flower that not many of us found. It was really tiny and this photo makes it look huge. It was maybe only the size of an eraser.

Thanks for checking out the blog. If you'd like please feel free to comment on any images that strike you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Candice & Lawrence Engagement Shoot

What a beautiful day for an Engagement Shoot. It couldn't have been a nicer morning at Millersville as I met up with Candice and Lawrence at the pond. It was so beautiful with the trees and flowers in full bloom. Thanks for a really fun time guys, and enjoy the pics.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cory and Rebecca Engagement Session

It was a chilly fun day in Philly for Cory and Rebecca. We started their engagement session at Fairmount Park on Kelly Drive near Boathouse Row. Then we moved on to the famous Philadelphia Art Museum where we had some fun on the museum steps overlooking the city. Then we did some walking around in Love Park and in the Game Park in Center City Philly. Overall it was a lot of fun and I created some beautiful images for them. We had a great time even though parking is always a challenge in Philly. Thanks for a fun great day in Philly you guys!

Big buildings

Stroll through the city

Steps of the Museum

Circle of Love

Love in the City


Well, I finally made it to Gettysburg for the first time. It was a quick out and back in a day, but I feel I captured in a way like no other. Enjoy some images I took while walking the sacred grounds.

Devils Den

Cannons overlooking Devils Den

Monument Alley

Cannons overlooking a Battlefield

A monument to the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Birds taking flight from a tree

A cannon on Devils Den in front of Little Round Top

A gate looking out from the Triangle Field

A sniper post at Devils Den


Some shots I took at a recent trip to check out a wedding venue for Chris and Amanda at Twin Brook Winery.

Wine Barrel

In The Vineyards

The Vineyards

Miville Photography

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