Friday, October 17, 2008

Lindsay & Tim Engagement

You would think it wouldn't be tough to come up with a woodsy location in PA, but Lindsay finally found this great place below York called Lake Redman. Well we got there and decided that the next lake over (Lake Williams) was a better spot. So we spent some time in two locations there and then headed over to a park with a kids playset for some fun! It was a crisp fall morning that couldn't have been more beautiful for this shoot which actually got pushed back from a rainy day a few weeks back. Thanks for such a fun time guys, I think it really shows through. Enjoy the pics.

Sitting on the dock...

Sitting on the dock, cuddling away.

Getting into each other on the dock.

Such a good looking couple and so easy to photograph.

I just thought this was the cutest!

Looking up the towards the large trees on the other side of the lake.

A great shot of Lindsay. I love the look on her face here.

Having fun on the swingset.

Having more fun in the playset!

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