Monday, October 6, 2008

Ben Leed - 1st Birthday Party!

Just a beautiful day for Ben Leed's birthday party. With some lunch and some kids toys going on. We made it over to John and Michelle Leeds home for their son Ben's birthday party. It was a fun time with good food and we were glad to be able to make it over. They are such a good looking family. Congrats on your big day Ben!

Ben and grandpa.

John running the grill.

Some really creative flags that Michelle made with pictures she took of Ben. It was really creative and very cool!

The kids playing in the ball pit.

Ben and his uncle.

A good lookin little boy, he is!

Messin around with dad.

A good shot of Ben and John.

Alexa, playing in the back yard.

Ben and Michelle opening gifts.

A wonderful first birthday cake!

Look at this thing. It was colorful and fun!

Blowing out the candles.

All out!

The happy family.

So I hear blue icing doesn't come off very easily. Happy Birthday Ben!!

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