Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jami & Rob walkin' through Lancaster

Lancaster city has some great architecture that I learned of when Beth Cardwell met with my family to do some pictures. I managed to talk Jami and Rob into doing some photos downtown for their engagement session. We had a great time and even though Jami was a bit nervous to start. Things loosened up as we walked down an alley and then it was fun and free sailing from there. What a great time, enjoy them.

On the steps of the courthouse.

In some ivy down an alley.

The Central Market has some great architecture with some great brick work.

What a happy looking couple, I can't wait for the wedding next year!

I managed to get a shot with the water from the new fountain directly above them. Immediately one of my favorite shots from this shoot.

A ring and a kiss.

Hanging in the art school outdoor lounge.

Parking garages are cool!

Stairs are even cooler!

And finished up with a few more where we started on the steps of the courthouse.

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