Monday, October 6, 2008

Karen & Eric Wedding 10/04/08

What could be better than a crisp fall day? How about a beautiful wedding added into the mix? That's what type of day we had for Karen & Eric. It couldn't have been nicer out. A few overhead clouds here and there, with some nice sunshine and a slight cool breeze.

The wedding held at Trinity Luthern Church in Mt. Joy, PA. We then went to Overlook GC for a few beautiful pictures with one of the most beautiful sunsets ever! Then off to the Eden Resort for a fun reception. It was a great day and I'm so happy for you both. Enjoy this tease of pictures for now.

A beautiful church on a beautiful day.

Karen's bouquet was a set of fall colors wrapped into one.

The flower girl, Mikayla, playing around before the wedding.

Eric looking relaxed!

Cool and calm before the wedding.

Karen looking simply stunning in her dress!

Giving a "look".

A beautiful bride in front of a beautiful backdrop of historic church and blue sky.

The detail on her dress was just wonderful.

Indside the church talking it up before hand.

I told you, just an amaing sunset! The reflection helps as well.

Showing some love on the golf course.

Showing even more intense love on the golf course.

Wait, who let Karen drive the golf cart!?! Look out everyone!!

The great looking couple in the willows.

I'll give you one guess to the theme of the reception. And no it wasn't the decorations, which were lovely. :) Mmmmm, my favorite!!


Kylene said...

I LOVE the WIllow Tree Picture! Great pics all around!

nate penwell said...

Great Pics, wish there were more! Good Angles, And the B&W turned out nice!

Anonymous said...

Truely amazing! I love the one of the camera angled up at Karen and the sky! So beautiful! -Pam