Monday, October 13, 2008

Nicole - Senior Pictures

I met up with Nicole and her mom Bev Saturday morning for some senior pictures for Nicole. We started out walking around the beautiful little town of Marietta, PA. Then it was off to Little Chickies creek for some field and stream fun. Nicole was so much fun and easy to shoot. I hope you like this short set for now.

In front of a white brick house.

Lots of pics by this white house. It was beautiful!

Such a great smile!

Down to the Railroad house for a few shots.

The architecture was amazing!

Such a modern look to her.

Down some steps at the Railroad House.

Looking down to the landing below. Such an easy model to shoot.

I found this tree with branches hanging down to the ground, set up a light inside and got this result. This tree was beautiful and made for some great shots!

In front of another house. I just liked the lines that were created.

Off to Little Chickies, only to get her to hang out in a tree.

Again, such a great smile.

Thinking about the future ahead of her?? Just a great look!

Walking down a path. The sunlight was very dramatic.

A simple one between some treelings to finish it off.

Bev and Nicole, I just have to say thanks for being so much fun and allowing me to do what I do! It was a fun time! Enjoy the pics.

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