Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Febes, Josh and Adriel @ Grubb Lake

I met up with Febes, Josh and their son Adriel at Grubb Lake for some family portraits. I work with Febes and we've been talking about going out to get shots like this for a while. It's may have turned out for the best since Adriel is now walking! He was so adorable, and so good in front of the camera. He was just a ham and was so interested in my camera and flashes.

I was doing a little Strobist work for this shoot. I was pretty happy with most of it. The lighting under the trees surrounding Grubb was perfect for shots but I was trying to make these pics really POP for such a great family. Febes I was so happy to be able to photograph you and your family. Thanks for asking me to do this, it was so much fun! Enjoy!

A great family shot! Like I said, Adriel was hamming it up for the camera.

A shot in front of the lake. They are just a great looking family!

Some nice BW magic just makes this shot!

Out for a walk, just wait til he starts running! Look out!

That's my camera!

The light was spectacular streaming in through the trees.

OK, so I had Josh put Adriel on his shoulders. What is he supposed to hold on to but Josh's eyes. :) Sorry Josh, but that was really funny! Even though you were in pain.

Walking down the path in mommy's arms.

Hangin' in the grass with my favorite photographer. He was just so interested in my equipment.

Mommy and son in a shot by themselves.

His ham face, Josh finally got him to ham it up and boy did he!

He was fading fast and we were trying everything to get some laughing and smiling out of him. I love this shot though. Makes him look like he got away.

Playing in the grass. And no, I wanted him to look up at my camera and this time he wouldn't.

A great looking family, just a simple shot in the grass.

Just amazing brown eyes! So cute!

Such a cutie, and he was so good the whole time.

Just relaxing and having fun in the grass with leaves and sticks.

Adriel and daddy.

I love this shot of Josh and Adriel. It's just so natural and full of joy.

Dinner time, and Adriel was trying to make it known he was hungry by feeding Josh. :)

Such a fun time, thanks again. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

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