Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back...

Well, sorry for the long pause. Been busy with weddings and other shoots, along with life. I thought I'd just throw a picture out there of a big reason why I keep so busy.

This is Alexa and she's my only baby. Turning 2 in a couple of months, and already hitting the terrible twos. I love her to death though, and she keeps me running all over the place. Her new favorite words are booberries, Tubbies (TeleTubbies), and No.

Having fun fingerpainting.

The view I've been getting a lot lately while trying to catch her.

I also have to put a picture of my lovely wife who has gone through so much this year. She is doing better now, and still trying to get her thyroid medication levels evened out. But things are better and she is now testing negative for all Cancers. I love you both! Now back to photoshoots and weddings! Enjoy the new pics.

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