Monday, September 1, 2008

Wenz Family Portrait Session 08/30/08

I kicked of the Labor day weekend with a fun family shoot. I met the Wenz family, (Keith, Merideth, Ashley, Amber and Avery) at the Millersville Pond bright and early Saturday morning. We started off by the pond, went around the back side of the pond so that little Avery could see the swans. We got some pictures of each girl, then moved down the path towards the waterfall behind the café.

From there Avery started to get more into things, running around and having fun trying to touch my equipment. After she got bored with me, we decided to try keeping her looking at the camera with some keys. Needless to say that held her for only a short time as well. Then it was a walk back toward the smaller section of the pond to finish things up and let Avery chase a duck around. She was having so much fun saying duck and seeing all the ducks and swans. It was the perfect place to go to keep her going and get some really beautiful shots. Thanks for a fun morning guys!

The Millersville pond is such a beautiful place for family portraits!

What a good looking family.

In between looking at the ducks and swans, Avery kept checking out my camera.

Look, a swan, Avery points out.

Here's Amber, standing on the wall overlooking the pond.

And Ashley, relaxing next to a tree on the back side of the pond.

How cute is Avery! I mean really, really cute!

Here's where she started getting into things, walking around and having fun.

The family relaxing on a set of steps.

Speaking of relaxing...

Avery was just so curious, she just came right up to my camera and all but stepped off a step.

The family on a small bridge in front of the President of MU's house. Also known as Tanger House.

I just loved this family shot. One of the last shots of the day, but one of my favorites.

A shot of Keith and Merideth alone.

Out for a walk.

And out for a run, chasing a duck. Don't worry, no ducks were harmed while taking this picture.

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