Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jen & Eric Rehearsal & Wedding

It was a whirlwind couple of days for Jen and Eric. I had the opportunity to hang out through the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. What a blast! The rehearsal was at the Hempfield UM church and was pretty easy going. But the rehearsal dinner at the Pressroom was just so much fun with laughter and tears. It was a great time!

On the wedding day I started out at Jen's parents house. The house was full of bridesmaids and readers and parents... oh my! Jen's dog even got into the mix, he was a bit shy and wasn't quite sure what was going on, but we made sure he had his time with his mommy.

Then it was off to the church for a few pics with the groomsmen. They were quite the crew. We had some fun on the swingset and behind the church. Then it was hurry up and wait time. The girls showed up and everyone was so excited/nervous. The wedding went off without a hitch though. It was so beautiful. The Hempfield UM is a beautiful church! After a few family shots in the church, we scurried down to the Pressroom for some shots in Steinman Park. In and out in under 20 minutes. It was a crazy pace but fun and we got a lot of beautiful shots in there.

For the 3rd wedding straight I found myself at the Eden Resort for a reception. I know my way around that place pretty well now I'd say. The reception was in the Grand Ballroom, which is a much easier room to photograph in than the Courtyard. All of the Eden rooms are just beautiful though!

I have to thank everyone from this wedding, from the families of Jen and Eric to the bridal party. Everyone made me feel welcome and like I was part of the fun. It was a great time, thank you all! Now enjoy the pictures!

Rehearsal at Hempfield UM

The Bride and her bridesmaids.

Jen and Eric sharing a whisper during the rehearsal

Ready to eat.

Jen getting around to talk to everyone at the Pressroom.

Bill, Jen's dad gave a great, funny speech at the rehearsal. It was touching as well.

Jen's brother got together with other family and put together a slide show of the two of them. The similarities between Jen and Eric growing up where just striking! It was a fun video!

"King of the Ring" What else would you get a ring bearer? :)

Jen and Eric outside in Steinman park after the rehearsal dinner.

A bride packing for the night.

The brides baby! He wouldn't leave her side.

Jen's parents house was so beautiful, it provided a great backdrop for some pics with the girls.

Not the normal way to carry a dress, but it worked.

The bride, I love this shot. It's so simple.

I couldn't take a bad shot at her parents house if I tried. Even the garage was cool looking!

An elegant silhouette of Jen.

Eric having fun at the church before the ceremony.

See, I told you they were on the swing set. :) They had fun with it.

I caught this one ring bearer hanging in the halls of the church before the ceremony.

The ceremony, outside looking in.

The bride, tired of standing through pics. Can you blame her, that dress looked heavy!

Back to Steinman with just the bride and groom. Oh and about a dozen Lancaster citizens trying to eat while we were taking pictures.

This hallway in Steinman is just beautiful.

The happy couple, nice and close.

Grand Ballroom at the Eden, Jen and Eric came right in to their first dance. The lighting in this room was wonderful, and made for some really cool shots!

Then, someone broke out the Groucho glasses and things just got plain crazy!

Jen's parents dancing up a storm.

A fun ring shot on the nose of a pair of the Groucho glasses.

Oh, it got crazy!

Oh, it got really crazy!

The beautiful bride, getting down!

A groomsman and some others getting down, down low!

Did I mention it got crazy?!

A shot of the SU Alumni gang.

Finally a shot of the happy couple relaxing outside the party in the courtyard of the Eden. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun!

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