Saturday, August 9, 2008

Candice & Lawrence Wedding

Candice and Larry's day started with it looking a bit stormy. And with a things running a little late, especially a groomsman, worries were running high. However, the groomsman made it just in time, the wedding went off without a hitch. Then it was off to the Millersville Pond for some portraits of the bride and groom. As soon as we were done there the rain then came, but luckily we got all the pictures in. Then off to the reception where things couldn't have gone better. Everyone up dancing and having a great time. Thanks for all the fun guys. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The brides shoes hanging on the wall, lit by a sconce .

The bride's silhouette in front of the window.

The bride laying on a bed. We had so much fun shooting these shots, well at least I did. The bride as you would assume was worried about her dress. I assured her it would be fine, and it was.

A shot of the groom in front of the church.

The church was beautiful, it's the A-frame church in Millersville and was a great location.

Ah, the pond at Millersville. We shot engagement pics here as well. See earlier posts on the blog for those.

I just love feet shots, they tell such a story so simply and elegantly.

The bridge is just a cute little place to get some nice shots.

Can't you just tell how in love they are? They had no problem showing their affection for one another.

The courtyard at the Eden, it has a special place in my heart as it's where my reception for my wedding was. Every time I shoot a wedding here it is just spectacular.

So, this ring shot needs a little explanation. The bride and groom had a couple of stuffed animals at the head table, this little critter was one of them. I just love this shot!

Oh, and did I mention they had a bunch of fun! Everyone had a great time dancing and hanging out. It was a lot of fun.

A parting dance at the end was very sweet, congrats guys!

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