Monday, August 18, 2008

Kathryn & Patrick Wedding 08/10/08

It was a Sunday wedding for Kathryn and Patrick. They were married in Lancaster with a reception at the Eden. Most of the day turned out to be beautiful. However there were a few scary moments as you'll see below when the clouds rolled in and decided for us that we were done shooting. We did manage to get some beautiful shots in and the day turned out to be great overall. Just remember that a little rain on the wedding day is supposed to be good luck. I'm not sure how much good luck torrential rains bring but I'm sure it's a lot. Congratulations to you both, it was a lot of fun dodging the lightening and certainly something I won't forget.

The beautiful church before the wedding, with some beautiful skies!

Kathryn's beautiful flowers!

Patrick in the little bit of shade we could find. Thanks for playing along!

The church is just beautiful inside. The bright back wall made for some interesting pictures.

Afterwards the wind seemed to pick up a bit and made for some, err interesting photos with the veil.

We made the wind and veil work for us. It was too much fun!

Off to Millersville for some shots by the waterfall.

These beautiful flowers were complimented by the beautiful bridemaids!

The bride by the falls.

I just really like this shot, the angle with the groom looking at the bride and the lines on the bench just all seem to work really well.

A close intimate shot of them canoodling.

Just some more fun by the Millersville pond.

The bride and the bridesmaids running from the rain and the lightening. They seemed to be able to really move in those high heels.

The courtyard in the Eden, such a beautiful venue.

Rick from B & B Light and sound, I finally got to meet him and he was such a fun guy! He kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night. Nice work. Check him out at

Some guests getting down to the music.

Oh yeah, Apache by the Sugar Hill Gang!

The bridal party getting down. Everyone had so much fun!

The kids broke out the glow sticks and were playing in the fountain. I caught a shot when they weren't looking. Hey, whatever keeps them busy.

More fun and dancing. I really liked this shot, it was just so much fun!

The bride and her dad dancing up a storm all the way to the end of the night. What a way to end the night.

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