Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rebecca & Cory Wedding

It was a fun and HOT day for Rebecca and Cory's wedding. Started out at Rebecca's parents for the girls getting ready. It was a bit warm, but Rebecca had all the makeup and stuff ready for the girls to make themselves up.

Once we got done with a few formals of the girls, it was off to the church to meet up with the guys. I found them relaxing in the air conditioned church and of course drug them outside into the heat. They didn't seem to mind too much. The church and ceremony were beautiful. Everything went off without a hitch.

Once the formals in the church were finished it was off to Founders Hall in Hershey for some fun formals of the newlyweds. We had fun there, although there was another wedding party having pictures done there as well. We worked around each other with no problems.

At the reception, it was a lemonade fest. You'll see below what I'm talking about. With Terry, a DJ from B&B Light & Sound http://www.b-n-b-discjockeys.com got things going and kept people up and dancing all night in the outdoor reception. Everyone had lots of fun, especially once he broke out the hats. Thanks for a great time. Enjoy the pics.

Rebecca on her parents couch.

The girls on the front porch.

Rebecca holding her beautiful flowers. They even held up well through the sweltering heat.

The heat even got to the groom, right away. This was him drying off only moments after I took them outside.

Another shot of Cory, looking a bit more dried off against the wall of the church.

Cory in front of the Church, I think he thought I was crazy laying on the ground to get this.

Aaahhh, a Catholic ceremony.

The flower girl having her own fun.

A flower shower.

The bridal party in the beautiful church.

A silhouette of the couple in the church.

Against the church windows inside, sitting on the floor and taking a break.

Another church pic, this one the lighting was just so beautiful at the front of the church.

Walking through Founders Hall in the park.

You could just see the love between these two.

Relaxing in the Founders Hall patios.

I told you, Lemons, Lemons and more lemons.

These two had to have had lessons, they were just too good.

Lemons and Rings. I loved this shot!

The grass was so thick, it just made the perfect dark backdrop for the flowers and shoes.

Hey Cory, that's not your bride. Looks like you're having fun anyway!

The girls in hats.

Hats everywhere!

The Conga line in hats. Everyone had so much fun during this part!

Of course, they had to do the Apache/Carlton dance. It was hilarious.

Some bag lights, lighting the walkway exit. It was a beautiful evening since it cooled down a bit.


Lois Mellinger said...

Awesome pictures. They really captured the love of Cory and Rebecca and the fun of the day! Great job.

Erica Mellinger said...

It was a fabulous day Cory and Bec, and these pictures will help capture it to the fullest extent. I loved the fun, seriouse, and artistic views of the different photos. Thanks Mike for making the day special with your personality and talent of photography. Stupendous job!