Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the town with Nikki & Sean!

Nikki and Sean have a November wedding scheduled but we've had this engagement session set up for some time now. They dropped by this weekend and we drove around Lancaster hitting some really gritty yet beautiful spots.

All week long they were calling for rain around the time of the shoot. Luckily it rained over night giving us a couple of good hours to get this shoot in. It was actually really nice other than the gray skies. It was a bit windy in locations but overall the gray skies made for some beautiful lighting. Both of them were up for anything and the wedding should be more of the same.

Sean is a musician and brought his guitar along for some really interesting shots. He gave me a disk of music from a live performance and I listened while working on these pictures. The music is wonderful, I must say. Thanks for sharing Sean!

Looking really forward to the wedding, thanks for such a fun day around town guys!

We started out playing around at the Lancaster train station.

A beautiful instrument.

Taking some time to play.

Playing some music for his wife to be.

I couldn't get enough at the train station and we are planning on going back during the wedding day. I can't wait!

A foot bridge in Lancaster city.

This is quickly becoming my favorite location around town.

Sneaking a private moment.

Comfort in his arms and it shows in her eyes.

I told you the guitar was going to be in a few shots.

We went into Annie Baileys downtown for lunch and outside was a restored Lancaster firetruck with a Mack dog statue on the hood. It was in perfect condition and I thought it was a beautiful spot to hold Nikki's engagement ring for a shot.

It turned out that Annie Bailey's was hosting a fund raiser for childhood cancer and we were happy to patronize them during such a great event.


Kylene said...

Oh my gosh! I love them! Fantastic job Mike!

Katie said...

I'm Sean's sister, so I got to see all the photos, and you are so talented. My favorite one was "Sneaking a Private Moment" and I'm glad to see you posted it. You take awesome pics. I can't wait to see what you do for the wedding.