Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing girl! Pic of the week.

Just had to make a quick post. Below is my little girl Alexa. She's growing like a weed and this week got her first "real" haircut. She got a little cut a couple months back but this was more of a style since her hair has basically become out of control. My wife Melissa kept asking if she wanted to get her hair cut and she finally said yes. So, we figured she would be ok with it. Since the last time she just screamed and squirmed around. Well, this time she sat like a nice little girl and let the stylist cut her hair with no problem.

Yesterday she went into school and just kept going up to everyone saying, "my haircut". How cute is she? I took this shot on our deck last night. The sun was beating down and I stuck up one of my opaque white umbrellas to soften the light. She was just sitting up on the big girl chair with her sunglasses and drink telling me about her day. Can you tell I'm a proud dad?

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