Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preston and Steve's Cardboard Classic 2009

We drove to Jack Frost Big Boulder this past Friday at 5am. You may be asking, why would you do such a thing? I would answer, to race a sled we made out of cardboard down the tubing hill for a contest held by radio show hosts Preston and Steve from 93.3 WMMR. You were only allowed to make the sled out of cardboard, tape glue and string. It was a blast, around 385 sleds registered and I'd venture to say about 3000-4000 people. It was one of the most fun things I've done in a long time.

We left, as I said, around 5am, got up to JFBB around 7:15. My friend Tim, who helped make the sled, followed us up with his wife Christy. We then finished piecing the sled together when we got there. Then it was time for a little tailgating before getting in line to go up the hill. While we were in line a band preformed on a deck at the bottom of the hill. The band name was Goodman Fiske, and they ROCKED! And yes the deck was one of the registered sleds, made out of cardboard alone. We actually had to push our sleds up the tubing hill before the fun ride down the hill. Then our sled held together so well we were able to make a second run. After waiting through most of the sleds we made our way back up the hill for the second run which was almost more fun than the first. After the second run, we knew the sleds were getting shredded so, Tim decided he wanted to flop on the sled just for fun. He only got a little injured but he's fine and we had an amazing time! Enjoy the pictures and you can see the full set of pics here And you can view the videos here. Enjoy!

JFBB at the bottom with WMMR Rocks painted on the hill.

Tim, myself and our camera sled.

Cardboard deck, with beer pong and ski rack included. Oh, and working bar.

Low rider bike sled. Impressive.

My favorite sled of the day was the General Lee. Anyone who was a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard has to agree with me on this. It was amazing and even had a working horn rigged with the DofH horn.

Even the top was perfect.

Is that Santa drinking a beer and carrying a cooler? Times are tough.

This is Steve from the P&S show.

And Preston from the P&S show.

Goodman Fiske preforming live on the cardboard deck.

Ryan Fiske the singer of the band Goodman Fiske.

Lead singer Ryan with bass guitarist Ray Meyers behind him.

Christy and Tim.

A friend of ours, Eric, with his Lego sled. It was pretty cool and he ended up going down the hill in the lane next to us.

Our view from the top of the hill on the first run down.

Steve and some others watching the runs.

The masses of people watching the runs made by all of the sleds.

Another fun sled, each guy went down seperately just like in Tetris. It was pretty funny.

The Wall-e sled was a pretty good replication.

Tim pushing our sled on the way back up for our second run.

The sled from inside on our second run down.

Chaos and carnage was left at the end of it all.

Me popped out of the flash taking video on the way down the hill. Our friend Eric in the lane next to us in his lego sled.

The giant 20ft tall Godzilla, what else can I say? It actually made it all the way down the hill.

Our second run down the hill with Tim popped out of the flash section.

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Angelo said...

this was probley one of the sickest things that ive been to. i was so crazy at the end. i hope they have another one this year.