Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Ben! 03/22/09

And of course his parents John and Michelle. I actually shot John and Michelle's wedding a few years back and we now live 3 doors from each other. Today we went down to the Manor Twp. Park to have some fun and let Ben run around the park with my daughter. It was a nice day until the wind picked up. Then it got a bit chilly. Everyone hung in there though and the pictures turned out amazing! I hope you guys enjoy them. Thanks for such a fun day.

Ben climbing the slide steps.

What a ham. Just look at that smile.

He was having so much fun!

The Leed family, John, Michelle and Ben.

Walking through the park, well mom and dad were walking anyway. :)

Crazy face!

Aaahhh, to have no worries and just swing in a tire swing again.

Ben was having so much fun in there. I guess it's his favorite.

A walk over a little bridge in the park.

Mommy and ben looking at birds in the trees.

What a good looking family.

Surprise! There's a camera in your face Ben.

I love how the green made him POP out of this photo.

That smile just looks like trouble.

John, Michelle and Ben, thanks for braving the cold today. We'll get out again when it gets warmer.


Diane wealand said...

Mike, these photos are fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at them !!

Sam said...

Great images loving the big swing shot!!