Monday, February 9, 2009

Pic of the Week!

This week I have an assignment for my photographers at the Magazine. I give out a monthly assignment to keep the creative juices flowing. This weeks assignment was Black and White. I have to admit, I was having some trouble with my creativity this past month, simply because of all the meetings I've had, as well as the wedding show that I did in January. Well, I had seen some smoke pics of a different flavor, and thought I'd give it a go for my assignment.

I wanted to keep it simple, so I simply used a black wall. Then set up two cold lights behind the smoke on 45ยบ angles. Then put GoBos between the lights and the lens. I had a small candle sitting on a table and had a friend light the candle and then quickly blow it out. The smoke feathered up nicely. We tried it a few times, and this was my favorite. Have a great week!

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