Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lancaster Co Photo Meetup.com - Lighting Seminar

This past Saturday I was honored to help teach at a lighting seminar run by the Lancaster Co. Photo Meet Up group that I'm involved with. Along with my friend Brian who help run the show, Joel who did a great slide show presentation and some teaching. José, Brian and John who all did some teaching as well. We had about 30 people show up to gain some knowledge about lighting techniques as well as set ups.

Each station had a slightly different theme/setup. There was a set up with a blue background, hot lights and gels. A single light set up with a black background. A multi light set up with an orange background, and an industrial wood shop background with a 4 light set up that was run by a lot of Pocket Wizards. There was one pocket wizard on the power pack running the lights and about 8-10 extra PWs that everyone was snapping with. And since the models that we got free for the shoot were women, guess where all the guys ended up at one point. Needless to say it stayed pretty tame, we didn't want to offend anyone since there was good mix of people there. The setup that I was in charge of was a 2 light setup dealing with the effects of strobes/flashes and ambient light. It was going great, I brought my laptop and tethered my camera to it so everyone could see what I was doing and what was being affected when I changed my settings.

After I got a bit of shooting in at a few of the other stations I grabbed one of the models and a couple students and we walked the halls of the high school we were occupying. We took a few flashes and I was showing them how to do the same thing I did using the strobes with their own flashes. It was a great time and I'm looking forward to next months Meet Up.

School girl set up in the hallway with the hall lights brought up using ambient.

Single light set up on black background.

This is the 4 light set up in the wood shop.

This was a great set up and easy to move around the model to get different angles.

Finally in the hallways of the school. We used two flashes off camera right to create this interesting lighting with a little ambient in the hallway down the right side.

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