Friday, September 19, 2008

Kate & Tim @ Lauxmont

I have to thank Katie Trefry at for asking me to help her out and photograph the wedding of Kate and Tim. It was a warm and humid day on Saturday. Their wedding was below the pool at the sunken fountain with the reception just below that. It was beautiful how it overlooked the Susquehanna.

We started out shooting at the house with the girls. Got some inside stuff before going outside and praying that the rain stayed away.

Then it was up to the pool to meet with the guys. We got some shots of them goofing around near the pool. They were a fun bunch. Then I scared Tim half to death by taking a few shots of their rings while they were on his should. The reason he was so scared, I had him standing right next to the pool.

The wedding went off without a hitch, and only a slight sprinkle during it for a minute or two. Then some family and bridal party pictures in the courtyard of the mansion. The sun actually came out as well. Then some stuff with just Tim and Kate before we were off to the reception. It started off like many other receptions. But when the alcohol started flowing, things got interesting. Family singing karaoke, lots of crazy dancing, and even the Thriller dance by the brides brothers, mom and the bride. It was a great time and I was thankful to be able to be a part of it.

We started in the house and the light was beautiful at the landing in the second floor of the stairs.

Again, with the beautiful light making Kate look even more beautiful.

A simple fun shot while sitting on a bench in the downstairs area.

Kate and the girls on the porch of the house.

Here's Tim at the pool house. These doors were great for design and we did a bunch of stuff here with the full party.

Through the large bushes, Tim was a trooper even with the humidity.

The brides flowers, I put them on the bush which was interesting to get them to stay up. But it looks awesome!

The party wanted to get on the golf cart, so I said Go For It!

The bride and groom in the doorway of the mansion.

And again getting in the doorway being a little more affectionate.

The wall color and lighting in this passthrough was amazing! Made for some really wonderful shots!

Out by the pool for a few shots.

Forgetting about the weather and just being into each other.

A fun ring shot by the pool. It made the bride nervous, but everything was fine.

A beautiful cake! And yummy as well.

Some didn't make it through the whole night.

Bridesmaids dancing always involves taking off the shoes.

Just thought this was a fun shot, with some great movement.

Alcohol, it makes a party fun!

Tim with his new brother in law singing up a storm.

As I promised, the Thriller dance.

And Kates family getting into the Thriller Dance.

Kate and Tim during one of the final slow songs.

Some family members singing up a storm. These guys were REALLY good!!

Fun, fun, fun! This whole reception was just fun!

A night shot of the reception location. It was a beautiful night and cleared up from the humidity and cloudiness of the day. It was a beautiful ending!

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