Monday, September 1, 2008

Merideth & Troy Engagement Session 08/31/08

I met up with Merideth and Troy for their engagement session down at Lock 12. Located below the Holtwood Dam, Lock 12 was new to me but was certainly a wonderful place to do an engagement session. It was a warm one, however I gave them a chance to cool down. Yep, got them in the river. It was a really fun time with some great locations in the water and in the woods.

We started out walking down to the water. We were a little worried however, the alarm for the dam was going off signaling they opened it up and were letting water loose. We weren't sure how high the water may go up, so we took our time and kept and eye on the water levels. Needless to say, they didn't move much the whole time. We skipped around the rocks for a while and even had them in the water before moving back into the woods. We then walked around this large rock formation and it was just amazing, creating some really interesting shots. Thanks for suggesting this place guys! It was a lot of fun and I'm going to have to go back down there in the future for some hiking and maybe some swimming. Enjoy the pics, and thanks for a great time.

Lots of foliage created some interesting shots like this one!

Troy being a gentleman and helping Merideth across some of the bigger gaps in the rocks.

There was a lot of grass and other plants sticking out the rocks. Made for a lot of interest.

Merideth was having fun, however the wind wasn't helping anything and kept Merideth busy during the whole shoot.

Walking along a thin rock line with a nice reflection in the foreground water.

Such a loving couple.

Uh yeah, we lost one. Well almost anyway, they were stepping down into the water and Merideth happened to slip and slide down a little to far into the water. She was fine, but her pants were a bit on the wet side. She was cool with it.

She, no harm no foul.

See, just a wet pant leg. This rock formation created some really great shots. I love this one.

Relaxing on a railing.

Down in the bottom with the rocks.

Getting intimate in the rocks.

I just couldn't get enough of the rocks and the formations. It was great!

A beautiful ring deserves a beautiful leaf and shot.

A walk down a nice path to end the day.

Can't wait to photograph the wedding next year!

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