Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

It was an interesting Mother's Day weekend. My dad and step mom were visiting from New Hampshire. Friday night we hung out inside and made dinner. Saturday I played football in the afternoon, then we grilled on the deck. Then Alexa got a little sick and we ended up in the ER until 3am. Sunday (Mother's Day) we went to the 19th annual Make A Wish Truck Convoy. It's always a good time, however Alexa wasn't feeling well still so we didn't hang out long. Melissa and her mom worked a game table this year instead of their normal volunteering in the food tent. I'm pretty sure it was a little less stressful than normal. Finally on Sunday night we ate dinner out, at Culturas. The new Tapas restaurant at El Serrano Restaurant. The food was sooooo good and it's so beautiful in there, we had just and amazing time. I recommend it highly! Hope everyone else had a good time for Mother's day.

Alexa playing in the house Friday night. Probably one of my favorite pics of her.

My dad out on the deck on Saturday night while we were grilling.

Mmmmm, VaLa wine, I'm pretty sure this was the Silk.

Alexa and her Nana!

Joanne and Melissa working the game table at the Make A Wish Truck Convoy.

The front row line of trucks for the Make A Wish Truck Convoy. The trucks are always so clean and beautiful looking for the Convoy.

Some American flags that lined a flat bed.

The clean chrome of a truck, who's that beautiful girl in the reflection? :)

A swirly Turkey Hill cow lined the entrance to the food tents at the Convoy.

Alexa and Mommy in the food tent at the Convoy. This is one of my favorite pics of them. The women in my life, love you both!

Culturas, the Tapas restaurant at El Serrano, an amazing place! The food was amazing!

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