Monday, May 26, 2008

Chris and Amanda Wedding 05/26/08

What a beautiful Memorial day weekend! It couldn't have been nicer for Chris and Amanda to have their wedding at a local winery. The day was perfect, everything went pretty smooth, and most important, Chris and Amanda are married and off on their honeymoon! Congrats guys and thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful day. It was a blast, enjoy these few photos that will wet your mouth for more to come.

Such an early day had to start off with a big cup of caffeine! Yum, yum... WaWa!

The bride getting her hair worked on. It was a fun time hanging with the girls in the morning. They were all a bit hyped up on sugar.

The groom is big into racing and managed to find these gear shift cuff links, they were pretty cool I must say!

Here is Chris the groom, with his groomsmen.

Chris relaxing in a chair before hand. Trying to calm his nerves.

The bride, Amanda, out in the vineyards.

Amanda and her bridesmaids in the vineyards. The sky was just beautiful!

Amanda plays the bagpipes, so she wanted a picture of her helping to tune the pipers. Well after she did that she came around and gave him this face. Kind of like, is that the best you got? It was really funny!

A young lady paying close attention to the wedding, as you can tell.

During the wedding, there was a small issue with the wind and the Unity Candle. Needless to say it found the ground and this was the reaction from the bride and groom. It worked out though and they ended up doing that part of the ceremony in the reception.

Funny faces. 'Nough said!

Beautiful skies, and just a wonderful setting for pictures of the bride and groom.

I wanted to make this shot look like the bride was carefree and like she was the only thing that mattered on her special day!

The side of the winery was full of this great wood texture, so we shot a few shots here on the way up to the reception.

The bride a little more relaxed after the ceremony, sitting in the vineyards.

Chris and Amanda canoodling in the vineyards. They were so much fun and pretty much up for anything I threw at them.

They must have taken some lessons, they were dancing so well and it looked like they were having so much fun!

A little girl watching and dreaming of being the bride I think.

A fun ring shot on a four leaf clover that was given to the bride the night before the wedding by one of the little girls.

Aaahhh, the garter. Anyone who knows Chris knows he's a character. This was his "character" coming out after he found the garter.

Since Chris is big on racing, he has a bunch of model cars that a few guys from work decided would be fun to play with. On the floor of the reception. I'd say it's time to grow up guys, but this was too much fun!

The coat came off towards the end of the night. Then it was time to party!

A beautiful end to a beautiful day!


Colleen said...

GORGEOUS pics! Some really cool angles and some really special moments beautifully captured. Very impressive!

~Colleen (chris's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Mike you did an amazing job!!! If I ever get married (which is not anytime soon...) I'll be calling! You're picture are very impressive and just ever so amazing!!

Hope all is well with you and the family!

- Megan