Thursday, May 22, 2008

Melissa's Cancer Surgery 5/22/08

Well, it's been a tough week for my wife Melissa. Having to have her Thyroid Cancer surgically removed on Tuesday the 20th. She was stuck in the hospital until this morning when they took the tube out of her neck and let her go home. She's resting and doing well at the moment. I felt uncomfortable at the hospital, so what made me feel better? My camera of course. Here are a few pics I took while she was having her surgery. Please feel free to pray for my wife's quick recovery and for her to not have any more cancer to have to deal with. This is the second kind this year that we've had to deal with having removed.

Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, PA

The front of LGH looks like a grand museum or something with it's graphic structure and water fountain with surrounding flowers. It's almost beautiful!

I walked back and forth to this parking lot way too many times. Her room was in the back of the hospital. It must have been almost a 1/3 of a mile walk to and from her room each time.

The front lobby looked like something out of a fancy hotel. It's just amazing!

Some beautiful flowers outside surrounding the fountain. Sorry, these pics are all in BW, it's just how I was feeling, gray and colorless.

Melissa's dad waiting with myself and her mom in the waiting room for almost 4 hours during surgery and recovery.

The interior of this hospital is just amazing. Looking up in the front lobby, it's about 30-40ft up to the ceiling.

One of the long hallways I had to walk back and forth to get to my wifes room.

Of course, not helping with how I felt was the crappy weather outside. Rainy and miserable. Pretty much how I've felt during this whole process.

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Tarun said...

Sorry to know about your wife going thru cancer.
I hope she comes out a winner.
Some great snaps.