Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brandywine Valley Wine Tour

We went to the Brandywine River Valley this past weekend for a wine tour. We stayed at the Brandywine Hotel which had a package with tickets for a wine tour to the 5 local wineries. The first winery was VaLa, followed by Paradocx, then Kreutz Creek and finally to Chaddsford all on Saturday. Then we went to dinner at Pace One which was an amazing restaurant in Avondale. Of course I had to stop at WaWa afterwards for some Gadzooks ice cream from Preston and Steve for my dessert. After we got up on Sunday we checked out from the hotel and had brunch at the local Brandywine Restaurant. It was just an amazing place first of all, and the brunch was unlike anything I've experienced before. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

VaLa sign painted on their building.

A glass of white wine.

A glass of red wine. We tasted it all.

Vineyards at VaLa.

Barbera, one of the VaLa wines.

Paradocx had wine in a paint can. It even came with a paint stir stick. Good marketing I'd say!

Vineyards at Kreutz Creek.

Flowers in full display at the Chaddsford Winery.

Chaddsford had a full line up to taste. Mmmm, love their wine!

My dinner at Pace One, Salmon w/rice and veggies. Probably the best Salmon I've ever had!

A bunch of flowers that decorated the Brandywine Restaurant, I shot this while waiting to be seated for brunch. They were the nicest staff ever! Even went to another restaurant to get me some preserves for my croissant. We'll be going back there!

An old tree at the Twin Brook Winery.

Old wine barrels at Twin Brook.

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