Sunday, June 15, 2008

Holly & Matt 06/07/08

We were with Holly and Matt for their big day up in Lehigh County, PA. It was a scorcher. Sunny to begin with, it quickly changed to sunny, muggy and just really uncomfortable, but through all of this the bride and groom turned it into a wonderful day. With coolers filled with ice and bottles of water, and a pavilion with ceiling fans, we got through everything wonderfully. And most important, they are now husband and wife with their lives ahead of them. Congratulations guys! Hope you had a great honeymoon!

First up, a little message from the bride on how she felt before the wedding.

A little more serious shot with the bride at the ceremony location. Her bouquet was just beautiful.

...and it smelled good too!

A serious shot with the groom behind the ceremony location. The lines on the building were great to shoot against.

It was so hot, everyone including the bride was trying to stay cool and dry.

The happy couple with a little love stare going on.

Fun with swings and the groom! I love this picture, it's just so much fun!

Then I got the bride into the swings as well.

The content stare, happy to be past the ceremony and with his wife on his shoulder.

Like I said earlier, the brides bouquet was beautiful, I just made it sparkle with this fun ring shot.

The theme, well it dealt with bells...

Everyone had a great time dancing the night away, and the bride finished up the evening with her friends and a fun little dance known as the Thriller!

Congrats again guys, it was a fun time, even through the heat.

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Mint & Sage Photographic Artists said...

Thanks for taking care of my friend Holly! Great job! :)