Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lancaster Co Photo Group - Shenks

So, Sunday I went to meet with a group of crazies, like myself, to photograph some wildflowers at Shenks Ferry Wildlife Preserve in Pequea, southern Lancaster Co. It was just beautiful on a slightly small path that paralleled a little creek. As you can see I met a bunch of new people and everyone had a great time. Well, until the rains came. Although, it wasn't a complete washout and everyone got some great shots. You can check out some other photographers stuff from this shoot at and join us on our next outing. You can also check out the full shoot that I did at Thanks to Brian for setting things up and being the group leader.

Mark, down low taking some shots, and Kylene catching me in mid shot. If you look close you can see an old time camera in the middle of the shot. What is that, film??!? :)

One of the beautiful flowers along the path.

A shot of the creek, toned green.

A shot of the creek, from above as I was balancing on a downed tree, toned in earthy blue and browns.

A small waterfall out of a tube under the pathway. I hand held this shot and still got it sharp with some movemetn in the water as it splashed on the rock.

A beautiful red flower that not many of us found. It was really tiny and this photo makes it look huge. It was maybe only the size of an eraser.

Thanks for checking out the blog. If you'd like please feel free to comment on any images that strike you!

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Buddy said...

Awesome Pics Mike... Me and Kel were down at Shenks Ferry the weekend before you. Definately a lot to see down there. Not too many places like it. The Susq River hills are great places to explore, pretty rare ecosystems along there and much to see and pics to take. Anyway, love the nature pics... you're gonna have to teach me some of your nature photo skills, since im also exploring all the time.