Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter, go away!

OK, I hate the cold, but it creates some great photos. We went up to a little town in northern PA called Antrim to visit with family. While I was up there I got out on a little hike, just to take some pictures. It was bitter cold but a fun walk. I wish I would have seen more wildlife, but I guess they were smart and sleeping in at that time of the morning.

Some weeds breaking through the snow.

Orange leaves still hanging on through the winter.

Someone had a fun time with a four wheeler in this posted path I was on. I have a feeling it was my uncle.

A little creek winding back and under the path I was on.

A beautiful red flowering plant that I found.

A road leading down the mountain from Antrim. They stripped the trees off the side which gave this beautiful view down the mountain range.

My uncle's barn on the way back to the path I hiked.

A snow covered field at my friend Amy's house back home.

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Megan said...

That "red flowering plant" photo would be awesome blown up as a wall portrait.