Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pic of the Week.

OK, so the pic of the week was actually taken by my lovely wife, but I'm in it. Yeah, that's me left of middle. This is a group of people I went to high school with. We graduated 12 years ago together but haven't seen each other since. We haven't had a class reunion, but thank goodness for websites like Facebook and MySpace so we could reconnect and get together.

We ended up meeting up at a little bar back near where I grew up in Montgomery, PA. It was fun to see everyone and find out what they were up too. We had a pretty good time and are already thinking about doing it again next year.

From left to right: Trist, Gina, Tracy B., Me, Tracy W., Kim, Sherry, Michelle, Ursula, Vicky, Andrew.

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