Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lindsay & Jonathan Wedding

Congratulations to Lindsay & Jonathan. When I showed up for the wedding at the Millersville Zion Church, it was a bit cloudy and looking like rain. Well, by the time I started taking pictures of the guys the sun came out. Although it was really humid and hot, we had a good time shooting some stuff outside. Then it was the girls turn, thing were running a bit behind so we just squeezed in a few bridal shots.

The wedding went smooth (thanks to my wife who did wonderful job as the coordinator) and we moved into the family shots. Then it was back outside for some wedding party and bride/groom shots. Before you knew it, it was off to Cameron Estates for some more bride/groom shots alone. We started off pretty tame, but down at the creek it was so warm that Lindsay wanted to hop into the creek. So, as a photographer who can roll with it, I told them to go ahead and get in, and they did. It was so much fun, however they said it was ICE cold!

Then it was time for fun at the reception where they had little pine trees as favors. It was a great time guys, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to photograph your wedding.

Lindsay's really cool beautiful shoes.

The proud groom sitting on the front step of the church, waiting for his bride.

The groom and his best man racing horses!

The beautiful bride complimented by her beautiful flower bouquet.

A single shot of the bouquet sitting in the grass.

The bride and groom with their wedding party in the church.

One of the first locations we hit at Cameron with the bride and groom and their sunglasses.

Canoodling in front of Cameron by a tree.

Thought this turned into a nice, simple bride and groom shot.

Lindsay laying on the bridge with Jon staring at his beautiful bride.

Sittin' down by the creek.

Cold, cold waters in the creek. I felt that a cold tone was appropriate.

You guys are so much fun and I hope you had a great honeymoon! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks again for a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job with our pictures! I'm so excited to see the rest! Jonathan and I were talking after the wedding and we said that we feel more like your friends than your clients! Thank you again for being so easy going and fun! And props to Melissa for being the best wedding planner ever!