Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moms Deserve Pictures!

What better gift to give your mom for Mother's day than the gift of memories. Book a portrait session in the month of April for only $99 and you'll receive the session, 2 - 8"x10" prints and a 5"x5" table book of the shoot. We'll go to any park, urban setting or in home setting you choose. Once you book a time and date, we'll go to the location, have a ton of fun and within a week you'll have some memories to give to mom for Mothers Day. See the ad below and contact me for more details and to book a shoot time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing girl! Pic of the week.

Just had to make a quick post. Below is my little girl Alexa. She's growing like a weed and this week got her first "real" haircut. She got a little cut a couple months back but this was more of a style since her hair has basically become out of control. My wife Melissa kept asking if she wanted to get her hair cut and she finally said yes. So, we figured she would be ok with it. Since the last time she just screamed and squirmed around. Well, this time she sat like a nice little girl and let the stylist cut her hair with no problem.

Yesterday she went into school and just kept going up to everyone saying, "my haircut". How cute is she? I took this shot on our deck last night. The sun was beating down and I stuck up one of my opaque white umbrellas to soften the light. She was just sitting up on the big girl chair with her sunglasses and drink telling me about her day. Can you tell I'm a proud dad?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the town with Nikki & Sean!

Nikki and Sean have a November wedding scheduled but we've had this engagement session set up for some time now. They dropped by this weekend and we drove around Lancaster hitting some really gritty yet beautiful spots.

All week long they were calling for rain around the time of the shoot. Luckily it rained over night giving us a couple of good hours to get this shoot in. It was actually really nice other than the gray skies. It was a bit windy in locations but overall the gray skies made for some beautiful lighting. Both of them were up for anything and the wedding should be more of the same.

Sean is a musician and brought his guitar along for some really interesting shots. He gave me a disk of music from a live performance and I listened while working on these pictures. The music is wonderful, I must say. Thanks for sharing Sean!

Looking really forward to the wedding, thanks for such a fun day around town guys!

We started out playing around at the Lancaster train station.

A beautiful instrument.

Taking some time to play.

Playing some music for his wife to be.

I couldn't get enough at the train station and we are planning on going back during the wedding day. I can't wait!

A foot bridge in Lancaster city.

This is quickly becoming my favorite location around town.

Sneaking a private moment.

Comfort in his arms and it shows in her eyes.

I told you the guitar was going to be in a few shots.

We went into Annie Baileys downtown for lunch and outside was a restored Lancaster firetruck with a Mack dog statue on the hood. It was in perfect condition and I thought it was a beautiful spot to hold Nikki's engagement ring for a shot.

It turned out that Annie Bailey's was hosting a fund raiser for childhood cancer and we were happy to patronize them during such a great event.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Ben! 03/22/09

And of course his parents John and Michelle. I actually shot John and Michelle's wedding a few years back and we now live 3 doors from each other. Today we went down to the Manor Twp. Park to have some fun and let Ben run around the park with my daughter. It was a nice day until the wind picked up. Then it got a bit chilly. Everyone hung in there though and the pictures turned out amazing! I hope you guys enjoy them. Thanks for such a fun day.

Ben climbing the slide steps.

What a ham. Just look at that smile.

He was having so much fun!

The Leed family, John, Michelle and Ben.

Walking through the park, well mom and dad were walking anyway. :)

Crazy face!

Aaahhh, to have no worries and just swing in a tire swing again.

Ben was having so much fun in there. I guess it's his favorite.

A walk over a little bridge in the park.

Mommy and ben looking at birds in the trees.

What a good looking family.

Surprise! There's a camera in your face Ben.

I love how the green made him POP out of this photo.

That smile just looks like trouble.

John, Michelle and Ben, thanks for braving the cold today. We'll get out again when it gets warmer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preston and Steve's Cardboard Classic 2009

We drove to Jack Frost Big Boulder this past Friday at 5am. You may be asking, why would you do such a thing? I would answer, to race a sled we made out of cardboard down the tubing hill for a contest held by radio show hosts Preston and Steve from 93.3 WMMR. You were only allowed to make the sled out of cardboard, tape glue and string. It was a blast, around 385 sleds registered and I'd venture to say about 3000-4000 people. It was one of the most fun things I've done in a long time.

We left, as I said, around 5am, got up to JFBB around 7:15. My friend Tim, who helped make the sled, followed us up with his wife Christy. We then finished piecing the sled together when we got there. Then it was time for a little tailgating before getting in line to go up the hill. While we were in line a band preformed on a deck at the bottom of the hill. The band name was Goodman Fiske, and they ROCKED! And yes the deck was one of the registered sleds, made out of cardboard alone. We actually had to push our sleds up the tubing hill before the fun ride down the hill. Then our sled held together so well we were able to make a second run. After waiting through most of the sleds we made our way back up the hill for the second run which was almost more fun than the first. After the second run, we knew the sleds were getting shredded so, Tim decided he wanted to flop on the sled just for fun. He only got a little injured but he's fine and we had an amazing time! Enjoy the pictures and you can see the full set of pics here And you can view the videos here. Enjoy!

JFBB at the bottom with WMMR Rocks painted on the hill.

Tim, myself and our camera sled.

Cardboard deck, with beer pong and ski rack included. Oh, and working bar.

Low rider bike sled. Impressive.

My favorite sled of the day was the General Lee. Anyone who was a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard has to agree with me on this. It was amazing and even had a working horn rigged with the DofH horn.

Even the top was perfect.

Is that Santa drinking a beer and carrying a cooler? Times are tough.

This is Steve from the P&S show.

And Preston from the P&S show.

Goodman Fiske preforming live on the cardboard deck.

Ryan Fiske the singer of the band Goodman Fiske.

Lead singer Ryan with bass guitarist Ray Meyers behind him.

Christy and Tim.

A friend of ours, Eric, with his Lego sled. It was pretty cool and he ended up going down the hill in the lane next to us.

Our view from the top of the hill on the first run down.

Steve and some others watching the runs.

The masses of people watching the runs made by all of the sleds.

Another fun sled, each guy went down seperately just like in Tetris. It was pretty funny.

The Wall-e sled was a pretty good replication.

Tim pushing our sled on the way back up for our second run.

The sled from inside on our second run down.

Chaos and carnage was left at the end of it all.

Me popped out of the flash taking video on the way down the hill. Our friend Eric in the lane next to us in his lego sled.

The giant 20ft tall Godzilla, what else can I say? It actually made it all the way down the hill.

Our second run down the hill with Tim popped out of the flash section.